A Creative Life in the Woods

Among the carved out valley’s of Wisconsin’s driftless region, a towering limestone bluff casts shadows and a watchful presence upon nature in the hollow below. A spring fed stream snakes through the valley floor, providing to the creatures that make their home among the tall grass and hardwoods. Seasons are marked by nature; the return of spring with the first call of the sandhill crane, the late summer bloom of jewel weed, the cry of the coyote under a harvest moon, and the quiet dark of winter. It is here, under the shadow of the bluff, where the stream divides and a patch of oak grow on a slight slope, that an artist has found her home.

Hi, my name is Kelly, the artist behind the work.  I hope that in some way my art can inspire in you the same appreciation for nature that I find by living among it, for all it’s  great wild and beauty.

Welcome to my world in the woods!

Landscape Painting Illustration

The Professional Details

My name is Kelly Yeomans. I’m a freelance artist and illustrator based in the driftless region of SW Wisconsin. I work primarily in drawing and painting mediums, as well as some digital. My work is inspired by my love of the natural world in the Upper Midwest and North, and also my adventures and travels in the outdoors.

I grew up in the glorious 80’s in a Michigan suburb outside of Detroit and graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2002 with a BFA in Illustration. During my time in college I also studied a term at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

Growing up, I spent most of my time outside, and as a young adult, pursuing outdoor adventures and exploring remote areas. Like my love for nature, creating art was something that I’ve always done and seemed to be a natural expression of myself from an early age.

After college my career led me into graphic design, and since then I have worked for a variety of clients and employers in graphic design, photography, and video.  Additional professional experience includes visual display, printmaking, and a ceramics studio.

All of my experiences have matured me as an artist and person, ultimately bringing me to the place I am today, which is right back where I started; a girl playing in the woods and drawing the images that dance across her mind.

When I’m not working on my art I have an insatiable need to be active. I can be found managing my gardens and forests and enjoying active sport. When I finally spend all of my creative and physical energy and need to sit, I pursue reading, writing, and learning.


  • I’m available for freelance work and commissions. Please email me via the contact page.