The Art Process

My fine art prints are a combination of traditional and digital mediums. When working with color, I use the process of the digital medium in order to achieve the final fine art print. Coloring digitally allows me to best maintain the quality and look of the original drawing while adding a new dimension to the work. The nature of this process naturally means that the final piece is translated from a digital format to a hard format in the form of a fine art print.

All of my fine art prints are created in limited edition runs of small numbers. Each piece is numbered and signed by me, the artist. Adhering to small runs of limited quantities ensures that you are receiving a unique and rare piece of art. My prints are offered with size options in standard sizing, making it easy to mat or frame a piece. I use a professional printer based in the Midwest with all pieces printed in archival quality inks and on textured fine art paper. Utilizing fine quality printing truly makes a difference in the final product, and it is my hope that the print you receive looks as good, if not better, than an original.

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